Specialty Services for Vertical Construction in South Boston

Vertical Construction South BostonThere are many different types of construction, each with its own unique set of requirements and techniques. When it comes to building design, many people in the industry define this type as vertical construction in South Boston. Residential, commercial, and industrial projects are built from the ground up vertically, so this description makes sense. Horizontal construction typically refers to projects such as bridges, which are quite different. Instead of going from the ground up, bridges go from one place to another in a linear or horizontal fashion. Once again, the description of the term makes sense.

Vertical construction in South Boston will often require a number of specialty services. The building design and construction of these projects can require specialty structural shoring or foundations, depending on the job site and project goals. To address specific issues, construction specialists are often brought in on a project. They consider everything from the soil to the location, the type of building and the materials. They create a solution for the South Boston building design that will provide the best return on investment while maintaining all local construction regulations.

TRI Construction Specialty Services – We offer a broad range of specialty services for vertical construction in South Boston and the surrounding area. Specialty services can be provided for commercial, industrial, and residential construction, as required. Our team of highly trained and experienced construction professionals and project managers will work with you to achieve your goals. The key is to work with a company that has a solid reputation within the local industry that will provide you with all of the specialty services you need. TRI Construction has over 45 years of experience working with specialty structural shoring, foundations, and other services for building design and construction.

Specialty Structural Shoring in South Boston

Our many years of working with specialty structural shoring can work to your advantage. TRI Construction can provide shoring for existing structures, building foundations, and other types of projects. Our fleet of heavy-duty equipment and relationships with area service providers helps us to offer quality services in any situation. Experience helps us to tailor the best-possible type of shoring for the specific conditions of your project. Our knowledge of various shoring systems and techniques is used to provide each client with the most cost-effective and appropriate method of shoring.

Some of the specialty structural shoring services available include:

  • slope stabilization
  • underpinning
  • soldier pile and lagging
  • soil nailing
  • sheet pile
  • secant pile
  • tie-back anchors
  • driven anchors

South Boston Specialty Foundations

Another area where we excel is in the design and execution of specialty foundations. Vertical construction in South Boston can range from simple to complex, depending on the goal of the project. We utilize a wide range of techniques in the development of specialty foundations according to the demands of your South Boston building design. We specialize in building design construction for residential and commercial properties in the Greater Boston area. The many years of experience that we have gained in the local area make TRI Construction the perfect choice for specialty services in South Boston.

Specialty site work services available through our family-owned and operated company include everything needed from start to finish. Excavation, site drainage of all calibers, electrical trenching, ledge removal, underground site utilities, and specialty foundation work is available through TRI Construction. All of the services that we provide are designed to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Our mission is to deliver quality results for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, regardless of the size and scope. From specialty structural shoring to specialty foundations, our team can help you to achieve your goals and meet the requirements of governing agencies.

Vertical Construction in South Boston

Another area where we have a lot of experience is in providing vertical construction from concrete slabs. This is a traditional method that involves a concrete foundation that is used to support a structure in a specific area. Three primary types of slabs are used, including the T-shape, slab-on-grade, and frost protected foundations. Each has its own set of unique advantages. For example, the T-shaped foundation is excellent in an area where the ground freezes. Wide-set footings are placed below the frost line and then the walls are added up on top. The design of the frost protected foundation method is only for use with a heated structure. In other words, it is not appropriate for an unheated warehouse or industrial facility.

Working with a South Boston building design team that has many years of experience in the local area is a significant advantage. Not only are they familiar with the regional weather patterns and demands for building design construction, but they also have connections to specialty services in the area. Successful vertical construction in South Boston depends on the quality of the specialty services provided. You can count on TRI Construction to provide you with top quality building design and construction services. If you are interested in learning more about our specialty services or would like a free quote, give us a call at 617-288-1255.