South Boston Masonry Services for Block and Brick Structures

South Boston Masonry ServicesThere are many advantages associated with the construction of brick or masonry block buildings. Used for both commercial and residential projects, South Boston masonry services are a very popular choice. Both materials have similarities, yet offer distinct differences that set them apart. It is important to work with licensed and experienced installers who can guide and help you make the best decision. If you are thinking about designing a brand new structure or want to expand on an existing one, learning about block and brick structures can be helpful. The more you know about the differences between these popular material choices, the easier it will be to make a selection.

What Do They Have in Common?

The best place to start is to learn about the advantages associated with both block and brick structures. Masonry block buildings and brick buildings are both built to be strong. Concrete blocks and bricks are both resistant to fire and insects. Unlike wood and other materials that can be vulnerable to pests, masonry work in South Boston is naturally resistant.

Both materials are also helpful for architects or property owners who want to increase thermal management. While bricks and blocks have a very low insulation value, their high thermal mass helps them to retain heat. Both materials are very heavy, which can make them costly to install. However, the return on investment due to the long-lasting durability and longevity of the materials pays off over time.

Masonry Block Buildings & Insulation

While the insulation value of materials for block and brick structures is quite low, there are definite insulation benefits. According to industry studies, a basic brick wall has a measured R-value of just 0.2 per square inch. Plywood has an average R-value of 2.5. While neither of these figures is enough to even make a difference to the homeowner or commercial occupant of the space, it’s good to know the difference. Most brick homes also contain a wood frame that has a brick sheathing. This provides them with an R-value similar to other types of wood-frame structures.

By comparison, the masonry block buildings with an approximate eight-inch concrete block material have an average R-value of 0.08 per square inch. This translates to an estimated 2.5 r-value for the entire concrete block. Concrete blocks that have been insulated as part of South Boston masonry services can boost the r-value to approximately 1.2 per square inch. Of course, traditional fiberglass, cellulose, or spray foam insulation materials will still need to be used to achieve industry standards. It’s just a good idea to know what the R-value of the materials will measure.

Strength & Durability of Masonry Work in South Boston

Another reason why property owners choose block and brick structures is that the materials themselves are very strong. However, the true strength of brick or masonry block buildings is determined by the method used to bond them together. The type and quality of mortar that is used, along with the technique used to apply it, makes a big difference. Industry standards require a minimum of compressive strength in concrete blocks to be 1900 pounds per square inch. It is important to note that most dense blocks are much stronger than this minimum standard.

When comparing bricks to blocks directly, there is a slight difference. The average concrete block used in South Boston masonry services can withstand 3500 psi of pressure, and the average clay block can withstand up to 3000 psi. If strength is an issue due to the intent of the finished structure, make sure to go over this with your contractor. Masonry work in South Boston is engineered according to the needs and requirements of the client. Selecting the best materials, mortars, and application methods can help each customer to find the right solution.

South Boston Masonry Services at TRI Construction

Our team of highly trained and specialized masonry workers has many years of experience in the local area. Block and brick structures, along with other specialty masonry work in South Boston and the surrounding area, are our specialty. When you work with TRI Construction, you can count on our brick and masonry block buildings to be completed on schedule and on budget every time. We work with a variety of suppliers, masonry vendors, and reputable subcontractors to provide our clients with the very best services. We are proud of the relationships that we have forged within the masonry and construction industries here in Southeastern Massachusetts. If you are interested in learning more about our South Boston masonry services or other construction services, give us a call at 617-288-1255.