One-Stop Shop Solution: Boston Building Design and Construction

building design and construction in BostonWhether you are searching for professional services to perform commercial and residential construction or if you require subcontracted specialty support, TRI Construction can offer a one-stop shop solution for building design and construction to address all of your needs. Our Greater Boston construction services can be used to provide you with all of the options you need to get the job done right. We have worked on small projects for property owners, provided support for other contractors on job sites throughout the Boston area, and have worked as a general contractor and delivered complete services for major construction throughout the years. We have earned a solid reputation with homeowners, property owners, businesses, and municipalities throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts region for delivering completed projects on time and on budget with high-quality results.

Building Design and Construction

There are several services that fall under the category of building design and construction, including team development and management, as well as the installation of custom buildings and specialty foundations in Boston and the surrounding area. Project management and scheduling to ensure that everything is well-planned, organized, and structured to minimize waste, eliminate unnecessary delays, and achieve completion goals is essential for any job. Our many years of working with local subcontractors, vendors, and services can help to ensure quality control across the board. One of the secrets to our success is that we begin each new project with a consultation and architectural evaluation. By integrating these services, every aspect of the project will go a lot smoother.

Commercial and residential construction have many common elements but are also very different in the way that the work must be performed. Our general contractors, managers, and job site technicians are experienced in providing services for a wide array of clients to ensure the best possible results. When a single project manager or general contract is responsible for coordinating every aspect of the project, it is much more effective for development, design, architecture, and logistics. Ultimately, working with quality Boston construction services and a reputable general contractor will save you both time and money compared to having to interview, research, and hire each subcontracted service and vendor individually. Our ability to assemble and work with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals makes us an asset on any construction project.

Types of Buildings in Boston

The experience that our team has in working with many different types of vertical style construction projects will also work in your favor. At TRI Construction, we have provided building design and construction services for residential additions on up to 30,000 square foot masonry warehouse projects. With more than 50 years of experience in the Greater Boston area, whatever type of construction you are looking for can be achieved with the help of our commercial and residential construction teams. Commercial shopping projects for standalone stores, mini-malls, large shopping centers, outlet plazas, and massive retail malls can be accomplished with design concept and project management services through TRI Construction. We can also handle fit-outs, expansions, and other projects designed to meet your industry requirements.

Our team has worked with business offices, including medical and dental practices, administrative offices, legal offices, and structures created specifically for the unique type of business that the client needs to perform. Commercial, corporate, medical, municipal, and industrial projects are our specialty. We can use a variety of materials, including masonry, steel, and wood construction, depending on your needs. You can even speak with one of our designers or developers to inquire about the various benefits associated with choosing steel, masonry, or wood materials for your construction project. Warehouses also use different building techniques to create large, dependable, and weather-resistant structures. Our team can assist you in maximizing the return on your investment to get the best possible results, as well as provide services to support new construction, expansions, and renovations for warehouses and other industrial construction projects.

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