Mission Park Road Reconstruction Project

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The Mission Park Roadway Project, which included both the roadway and plaza reconstruction, was awarded to TRI Construction in the summer of 2016. The project was completed within 16 months. TRI Construction was responsible for the construction of the new Neville Plaza on New Whitney Street, new streetscape improvements including roadway, driveways, roadway lighting, concrete sidewalks, decorative hardscapes, waterproofing, landscaping, and repair of the underground occupied concrete parking garage.

This project stands as a true testament to the quality and professionalism that TRI Construction exhibits. An extensive amount of construction pre-planning and weekly meetings with the project team, including the architectural firm Crosby/Schlessinger/Smallridge, waterproofing engineer firm Walker Consultants, project owners RTH, and the property management team from Trinity Management, was required for this project. Construction schedules were imperative to the success and safety of the project, as construction phasing allowed the existing roadway and tenant parking and living areas to remain open. It was incredibly challenging to ensure that those affected would be impacted as little as possible.

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TRI Construction was responsible for excavating the existing site down to the roof deck of the existing concrete parking garage, which had been constructed in the 1970s. With weight limitations and area staging restrictions, TRI Construction had to put forth it’s due diligence to meet all of the preventive and extreme project requirements.

TRI Construction self-performed over 70 percent of the Roadway Reconstruction Project. Some of the work that was completed includes:

  • site excavation of the roadway, concrete sidewalks, asphalt driveways, timber walls, landscaping, and existing site furnishings
  • concrete parking garage partial and full-depth concrete patching and repair
  • supervision and management of 70,000 square foot of Hydro Tech hot-applied waterproofing
  • construction and installation of roadway and bridge expansion joints and concrete headers
  • asphalt paving of new roadways and over 40 different driveways
  • installation of new granite curbing and concrete sidewalks
  • new LED street lighting and low-voltage landscaping uplighting
  • stone veneered retaining walls and planters
  • hardscapes including pavers, blue stone, and granite hopscotch inlays
  • assembly and installation of Victor Stanley site furnishing throughout the entire project
  • assembly and installation of a cedar pergola
  • landscaping to include irrigation, sod, plants, shrubs, and 35-foot trees in a variety of species.

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Project Components

Owner: Roxbury Tenants of Harvard
Location: Huntington Ave, Boston, MA
Project Value: $5,000,000.00
Civil Engineer: Nitsech Engineering
Waterproofing Engineer: Walker
Architectural Firm: CSS
Start Date: August 2016
Completion Date: December 2017