Greater Boston Construction Services and On-Site Job Safety

greater boston construction servicesWhen you bring together heavy-duty equipment, specialized sub-contractors, and construction workers on a job site, regardless of how small or large the project, safety must always be a top priority. When you hire TRI Construction for Greater Boston construction services for your commercial, industrial, municipal, or residential project, you can rest assured that safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. Ownership, management, and staff are fully committed to ensuring everyone’s safety on the job site, including employees, customers, sub-contractors, and the public. On-site safety meetings and our comprehensive general construction safety program are part of the key to our success. All TRI Construction employees participate in our OSHA-10 certified safety program to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Weekly Meetings for the Crew

Our supervisors hold on-site safety meetings for the crews to ensure optimal safety for our Greater Boston construction services. All project superintendents participate and become certified with the OSHA 30-hour training program for safety. Additionally, many of these safety courses are reinforced and recertified each year through refresher training courses. We strongly believe that continued education and training are necessary in order for TRI Construction to meet our goals for safety and excellence on the job site. As equipment, technology, techniques, and industry regulations continue to expand and change, we are confident that our crew will be prepared to meet all requirements to create a safe and effective work environment for all.

OSHA-10 Certified

Every employee at TRI Construction, from the carpenters and cement finishers on up to the heavy equipment operators, must participate in the OSHA 10-hour certification class. This class is designed to place a strong emphasis on hazard identification and avoidance, as well as control and prevention. The topics that are covered in the OSHA-10 certified course include general safety, health provisions, fall protection, electrical safety, personal protective gear, lifesaving equipment, and materials handling. The materials handling portion is essential to our general construction safety program, as it provides guidelines for the storage, use, and disposal of all types of materials on the job site. Additional topics include safety while using hand tools, power tools, ladders, scaffolds, and heavy equipment, including excavators, cranes, and other essential machinery.

Specialized Training Courses

One of the unique aspects of the work that we do at TRI Construction is the variety of services we are able to offer our clients. From General Contracting services to site work, building and construction, trucking and hauling, and even seasonal snow and ice management, we adhere to the strictest of safety guidelines. On-site safety meetings are essential to bringing all of the safety training and knowledge together for each individual job site that we work on for our clients. As a result, our employees undergo additional training designed to target our specialty services, including the snow and ice management program. This is in addition to our general construction safety program and provides our supervisors the opportunity to dedicate extra time and effort into training that will help our crew the most out on the job site.

Specific training for things like coping with the harsh elements, conditions, and timeframes that we face together as a team in the northeastern region significantly reduces seasonal injuries and other related issues. We have worked hard to establish and implement a broad range of safety training and company awareness for every member of our team through employee safety handbooks and refresher training courses on a wide range of essential topics. When you work with TRI Construction, you can feel secure knowing that safety and safety education is an absolute priority with our company and every single member of our crew. Family owned and operated, TRI Construction utilizes a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, a team of highly trained employees, and has earned a solid reputation in and around the City of Boston for customer service, quality work, and high safety standards.

Greater Boston Construction Services

Contact our team to get a FREE estimate for your next commercial, industrial, municipal, or residential construction project. We offer a wide range of Greater Boston construction services designed to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. To learn more about our general construction safety program, on-site safety meetings, or our OSHA-10 certified crew, give us a call at 617-288-1255. Whether you require General Contracting services or specialized work on a project, give us a call to discuss your needs. We can answer any questions you might have about TRI Construction and our professional construction services.