TRI Construction Equipment

A company is only as good as the equipment and tools that it has at its disposal to get the job done. TRI Construction has a large fleet of vehicles and heavy-duty construction equipment at our Greater Boston area location that we can use for any type of commercial or residential service. From dump trucks and trailers to specialized machinery designed for small and large scale construction, we have all the equipment we need to take on any project.

Heavy-Duty Industry Equipment

  • Site Work & Construction - Boom trucks, excavators, concrete pumpers, and much more, we meticulously maintain all of our heavy-duty equipment to ensure that it is in proper working condition. TRI Construction began with a single pickup truck, but today we have a large fleet of vehicles designed to meet every need that our Greater Boston clients have for top quality site work and commercial or residential construction.
  • Trucking & Hauling - TRI Construction also has a wide range of heavy-duty trucks at our disposal for equipment moves, delivering materials, and hauling away debris from the job site. All of our equipment is designed to help our team to be more effective and efficient, regardless of the size of the project. Flat bed trailers, dump trailers, dump trucks, and other essential vehicles are all available in our fleet for our team to use to their advantage.
  • Snow & Ice Management - Professional snow and ice management services require a lot of experience and specialized equipment. We provide snow plowing, sidewalk plowing, ice management, snow hauling and removal services to our commercial and residential clients throughout the Greater Boston area. We have the equipment required to get the job done as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.