Dorchester Tire Project

Allen Saks, as the owner of Dorchester Tire, had a vision of expanding his tire enterprise. A longtime client of TRI Construction, we were brought in to make his vision a reality. To grow the business from simply providing retail sales and installation of tires to a complete mechanical services department that caters to large commercial fleets, expansion was absolutely necessary. Larger garage bays and overall square footage were required.

TRI Construction was contracted to design and build a 6,000 square foot, two-story steel frame and masonry building to suit the expanding needs of Dorchester Tires. The project required extensive site and sub-structure foundational work from 120-inch diameter concrete caissons drilled 15-feet below grade to support the proposed addition. Masonry CMU walls infilled the steel skeleton to make the building shell complete. All project layout, excavation, foundation, structural concrete slab, masonry, roofing, paving, and landscaping was self-performed by TRI Construction. Additional space and square footage were added to the existing building by adding to the building footprint through extra interior office space, in addition to the 6,000 square foot new addition.

Allen Saks had one requirement for the project: that his current business needed to stay open and that his customers would be his first priority. Not one calendar day did Dorchester Tire Company have to close their doors during the project. To this day, and in the foreseeable future, Dorchester Tire Company continues to be a staple of the Dorchester Avenue stretch of notable and landmark businesses.

Project Components

Owner: Dorchester Tire Company/Mr. Allen Saks
Location: 1600 Dorchester Avenue Dorchester, Ma
Building and Engineered Drawings: Anthony De Francisco
Project Schedule: 8 Months