Concrete Sidewalks and Curbing: South End General Contractor

Concrete Sidewalks South End BostonDid you know that the concrete sidewalks in front of your home or business is your responsibility? Many property owners are not aware of this fact. While there are some towns and communities that include sidewalk repair in with annual property taxes, most property owners are charged with making necessary repairs and replacements, as needed. Your best bet is to work with a general contractor who has experience working with public and municipal construction in South End.

In addition to providing quality services for building foundations and expansions, TRI Construction also has vast experience working with the City of Boston and in the Greater Boston area for flatwork, formwork, and pumping. Our team has the experience necessary to work on any size or type of project, including services that include sewer lines and connections. So whether you need a simple sidewalk replacement or require sidewalks, curbing, and more, our Boston construction company is the one to call.

Stand-Alone Services & Big Projects

Some of the concrete services that we have provided as a South End general contractor, including work for residential and commercial expansions, excavation services, sidewalks, curbing, driveways, walkways, parking lots, concrete stairs, and retaining walls. The benefit to working with a reputable Greater Boston construction company that provides services in many different areas is that you can make a single phone call and take care of it all. We work with stand-alone projects, but can offer assistance for more expansive services, depending on our needs. Give us a call to get a FREE estimate on any of the professional services that we provide in South End and the Greater Boston area.

What to Expect

When you hire TRI Construction for a residential or commercial project, you can expect a quick and professional response. We take pride in delivering quality services and impeccable customer service, as many of our clients are repeat customers or were referred to us by other satisfied customers. We will work with you to determine whether you are responsible for the sidewalk repair or replacement in front of your home or business. If you are doing an extension, expansion, or a new build, our team can assist with general contracting services that include coordinating efforts with subcontractors and obtaining all required permits. Even if you are just replacing a cracked or broken sidewalk, you will likely require a permit from the city or town where your property is located.

We start by providing you with a FREE estimate for our services, whether you want to hire us as a South End general contractor or just for a specific project. If you need more extensive services, such as excavations or digging sewer lines and connections, make sure to let us know. We can include everything in with our quote for private or municipal construction in South End. While some people might think that sidewalk and curbing repair and replacement are a DIY (do-it-yourself) type project, the truth is that there’s a lot more to this type of work than most realize. Proper permits, equipment, grading, and measuring are just some of the elements that must be considered.

How Much Will It Cost?

Each project is unique, so it is best to get an estimate before you hire a Boston construction company so you will know what to expect. Hiring a South End general contractor or service to take care of flatwork, such as sidewalks and curbing, is probably more affordable than you might think. The contractor charges based on the material costs, of which concrete is usually sold by the cubic yard, as well as labor and machinery usage. While you can ask for general pricing, such as the price per square foot or cubic yard to pour concrete for repairs or replacement work, it might be different when you get the actual estimate. This is because the work required for a large area of concrete and specialized services, such as sewer lines and connections, is different than a simple sidewalk repair or replacement.

There are other things to consider as well, including the cause of the damage to existing concrete. If the damage was caused by weather, tree roots, or some type of abuse or misuse, there could be additional costs associated with preventing it from happening again. Also, additional materials costs, such as excavation or removal of existing concrete and the need for new base materials, could cause the price of the job to increase. Then again, a job that seemed more complex at first glance could take less time and be cheaper to do than initially estimated. Your South End general contractor should provide you with a breakdown of costs so you can see what you are paying for and why.

Call TRI Construction in South End

If you are in need of private or municipal construction in South End, contact TRI Construction by calling 617-288-1255. Our team of highly trained technicians, general contractors, and skilled workers can provide you with a wide variety of services through our Greater Boston construction company. Call today for a FREE estimate on our professional construction services.