Building Design & Construction

TRI Construction provides our clients with a one-stop shop solution that includes everything they require for quality building design and construction. Whether you need our specialty services for commercial or residential construction, our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can help you to achieve your goals. It is important to choose a company that has a solid reputation in the Greater Boston construction industry that can manage your entire project from start to finish while helping you to meet or exceed all of your time, budget, and quality standards. Some of the construction services we provide include:

  • Specialty Foundations
  • Specialty Structural Shoring
  • Commercial Interior Fit-Outs
  • Metal Stud and Drywall Fit-outs
  • Vertical Construction from Concrete Foundations
  • Piles
  • Grade Beams
  • Structural Slabs
  • Interior Fit-Outs

Project Management & Scheduling

One of the most essential services required for any type of building design and construction is project management and scheduling. When you hire TRI Construction for General Contracting services or if we are engaged to perform a specialty service, you can rest assured that our team of experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers are on top of your project and will take care of all the important details to get the job done right.

Scheduling and coordinating effectively with sub-contractors and other specialty service providers is the key to getting any construction project done on time. Avoid unnecessary delays and ensure quality control across the board by hiring TRI Construction to take care of it for you.

Design & Conceptual

At TRI Construction, we begin each new project with a consultation and an architectural evaluation. When you integrate these services together, every aspect of your project will go a lot smoother. It is also much more effective to work with one single source for development, design, architecture, and logistics. It will ultimately save you both time and money compared to having to interview, research, and hire each service individually.

TRI has the ability to assemble and work with a team of highly trained and experienced designers and architects to achieve all of your development goals. Contact our office to learn more about these essential services and find out how they can work to improve the results of your project.

Construction Team Development & Management

Each project is unique and relies upon the strengths of each member within the construction team.

It is important to have individuals who represent knowledge, training, and experience in specialty areas that are required to achieve the project goals.

Bringing these people together as representatives of their respective departments or the services that they provide can help to make the team stronger, especially if it is well-rounded and diverse.


Building Types

Whatever type of construction you are looking for in the Greater Boston area, you can find it at TRI Construction. Our team has completed many different types of vertical style construction projects, including wood frame condominiums complexes to 30,000 square foot masonry warehouse projects. Some of the types of building construction that we are experienced in providing include:


Commercial shopping includes a variety of examples, such as a standalone store, mini-malls, a large shopping center, outlet plazas, or even a massive shopping mall. TRI Construction has over 45 years of experience working with commercial retail clients. We can work with you to provide design and concept or project management services for construction on your brand new retail shopping center.

In addition to brand new construction, TRI Construction can even provide services for expansions, fit-outs, and other projects designed to meet retail industry requirements.


One of the most significant markets for commercial construction is the development and construction of office buildings, office complexes, and other professional buildings. Administrative offices, medical offices, dental offices, real estate offices, legal offices, and structures designed specifically to meet the needs of various industries can all be designed, developed, and constructed through the assistance of TRI Construction in the Greater Boston area.

Our team of highly trained and experienced designers, project managers, and construction technicians can help you achieve your goals for commercial office building construction.

Steel | Masonry | Wood

At TRI Construction, we are also experienced in using a variety of different materials to help you build the type of commercial or residential structure you require. Whether you want a building made of steel, masonry or wood materials, our team of specialized technicians can help you make smart material choices that will help your building to perform up to your standards.

Speak with one of our designers, developers or project managers about any questions that you have regarding the use of steel, masonry or wood materials for your construction project.


Different building techniques, materials, and equipment are often required in the construction of warehouses and other large structures. At TRI Construction, our team can help you to make smart choices that will help you to get the biggest return on your investment. Warehouse design and construction can be simple and straightforward or specialized and complex, depending on your unique needs.

Contact TRI Construction direct to discuss your needs for warehouse construction in the Greater Boston area. Our team can assist with new construction, expansions, and renovations.