heavy duty industry equipmentWhen it comes to construction projects, both large and small, having the right tools, equipment, and machinery matters a lot to the success of the completed work. Heavy duty industry equipment is used by many different types of contractors, including commercial, industrial, and residential construction services in Boston and the surrounding area. At TRI Construction, we believe that a company is only as good as the equipment and tools that it has at its disposal. We have an exceptionally large fleet of vehicles, including heavy duty equipment for site work and construction, that we can use for any type of project in the Greater Boston area. From dump truck to trailers and specialized machinery for small and large-scale construction, we have all of the equipment necessary to take on any job that comes our way.

Site Work and Construction Equipment

For more than 50 years, TRI Construction has proudly served the Greater Boston area with a wide range of site work and construction services. Our team of highly trained operators and technicians rely on our boom trucks, excavators, concrete pumpers, and other heavy duty industry equipment to provide top-quality construction services. We meticulously maintain all of our equipment, tools, and machinery to ensure that it is in proper working condition and is ready to be brought to the job site when needed. Whether that means excavation and site prep, materials import and export, compaction and recycling, surveying and engineering, or specialty services like electrical trenching and foundation work, we have the equipment required to get the job done right.

Some of the site work and construction work that we do includes:

  • Structural and pre-engineered concrete structures
  • Foundations for expansions, additions, and garages
  • Commercial work for slabs, grade beams, case ons, piles, and floors
  • Concrete flatwork, sidewalks, and curbing
  • Masonry work for block and brick structures
  • Asphalt, roadways, and paving for public or private roadways
  • General grading and paving
  • Drainage and utilities for domestic water lines, fire pipes, and water line breaks
  • New sewer lines, connections, and breaks for commercial and industrial clients

Trucking and Hauling Services

Another area where we provide our customers with valued services is trucking and hauling. The heavy duty industry equipment that we have can be used for equipment moves, delivering materials, and hauling away debris from the job site. We don’t have to rely on a third-party service to take care of this work for us, which helps us maintain excellent lead times for our projects and avoid any unnecessary delays. All of our equipment is designed to help our entire team to be more efficient and effective, regardless of the size of the project. Our team uses flatbed trailers, dump trailers, dump trucks, and other essential vehicles for small and large construction services in Boston and the surrounding area. While we may have started as a small company with a single pickup truck, TRI Construction now has a large fleet of vehicles that are designed to meet every need that our clients have for quality site work.

Snow and Ice Management

In addition to providing year-round site work and construction services, TRI Construction also offers professional services for Greater Boston snow and ice management. This type of service requires a lot of training and experience in addition to specialized equipment. Our team can provide your commercial or industrial business with snow plowing, sidewalk plowing, ice management, in addition to snow hauling and removal services. Don’t just pile that snow and ice up on your property and allow it to damage your asphalt, concrete, and landscaping. Contact our team and hire us to remove it completely and take it to a local snow farm. We have all of the equipment and trained staff necessary to get the job done as efficiently and thoroughly as possible to help keep your business operational in snowy conditions. State-of-the-art snowplows and other heavy duty industry equipment can be used to provide these services for commercial and residential clients throughout the Greater Boston area.

Heavy Duty Industry Equipment

If you would like to learn more about our options for professional construction services in Boston and the surrounding area, give our team a call at 617-288-1255. We can answer any questions you might have about site work and construction, specialty construction services, general contractor services, and Greater Boston snow and ice management. Call today for a FREE estimate or to speak with a customer service agent about your heavy duty industry equipment and construction needs.