concrete flatwork and curbingWhen it comes to commercial construction in Boston, there are many different types of specialized services that are required to get the project completed. Our Site Work Division offers a wide range of options, including Greater Boston excavation and site prep, concrete flatwork and curbing, along with other foundation concrete services. One of the core elements provided by TRI Construction is that we do work for projects of all sizes, durations, and complexities. One day we might be putting in sidewalks and curbing, while the next day, we might be working as the General Contractor and construction crew on a massive downtown structure. The specialized services that we offer can range from individual residential job sites all the way to multi-acre services for retail complexes and office buildings.

What is Site Work?

Our Site Work Division covers a lot of areas under the overall construction umbrella. Some of these services include excavation, material recycling, compaction, surveying and engineering, electrical trenching, underground site utilities, and foundation concrete services. We also work with site drainage of all calibers, import and export of all materials, and other options designed to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We work with each developer, architect, engineer, and builder to find new ways to save time and money, meeting deadlines, and keeping the project budget under control.

Some of the areas that can be found in our Site Work Divison include:

  • structural and pre-engineered concrete structures
  • foundation concrete services
  • concrete flatwork and curbing
  • sidewalks and driveways
  • concrete stairs and retaining walls
  • masonry work for block and brick structures
  • asphalt, roadways, and paving
  • drainage and utilities

Our more than 50 years of experience serving the local area with Greater Boston excavation and site prep, site work, and general contracting has helped us to earn a solid reputation among clients and colleagues. We strive to provide quality workmanship and customer service that meets or exceeds expectations. We have worked on projects that include retail stores, shopping malls, sports venues, factories, churches, residential properties, educational facilities, and much more. So whether you need foundation concrete services for a brand new high-rise structure or just require concrete flatwork for a new garage, room addition, or expansion on your home, you can trust TRI Construction to get the job done right.

Concrete Flatwork and Curbing

TRI Construction has worked with many different projects over the years, offering our professional services for commercial, industrial, and residential work. Concrete slabs, foundations for steel buildings, grade beams, case ons, piles, structural slabs, and floors are just some of the areas where we have a lot of experience. In addition to laying the foundations for expansions and construction projects, we have provided concrete flatwork and curbing for commercial construction in Boston and the surrounding area. Our team specializes in this type of work, from forming to finishing. We can handle any size or type of project from the most simple to the very complex, offering a variety of concrete services either as a stand-alone service or part of a larger job.

Our masonry work has also earned a solid reputation in the Greater Boston area. We guarantee that our masonry block building projects will come in on schedule and on budget every single time. We have worked extensively over the years with area masonry vendors and sub-contractors, which provides us with the opportunity to gain access to materials and services with everyone involved. Our website portfolio features a number of the masonry projects that we have worked on over the years, including Norfolk Hardware, Shirley Street, and Dorchester Tire. If you would like to see more examples of our work or speak with previous and current clients for references, just contact a representative. We are proud to share information about the work that we have done in our many decades of service.

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If you are interested in learning more about our foundation concrete services for commercial construction in Boston, give us a call at 617-288-1255 to speak with one of our customer service agents about your needs. Make sure to specify if you require site work, such as Greater Boston excavation and site prep or concrete flatwork and curbing for your project.