Ashmont Concrete Services: Commercial & Warehouse Construction

Concrete Services AshmontWhen it comes to commercial warehouse construction in Boston and the surrounding area, it is important to choose the best material for the job. While many companies decide to use steel with commercial construction in Boston, there is a growing interest in the use of Ashmont concrete services for this purpose as well. Concrete provides very sturdy protection against high winds of up to 200 miles per hour. The concrete core of a building is typically two-feet in thickness to protect the area from fire and explosions. It can be used to encase elevators, stairs, and power systems. Concrete is also naturally fire-proof without the need to add fire-resistant materials. It can stand up to very high temperatures and can meet even the most stringent of fire codes.

Affordable, Earth-Friendly Material

Another reason why many builders are choosing to work with concrete services in Ashmont and the Greater Boston area is that it is affordable. The cost of concrete has remained stable over the years for the most part with fluctuations occurring only after natural disasters and during times of extensive construction. Concrete that is “cast in place” and reinforced can be started quickly on the job site to reduce labor costs.

Since approximately 50 percent of concrete is crushed and recycled in North America, the cost of materials remains surprisingly low. As a result, new concrete that contains a mix of crushed and recycled concrete is considered to be very friendly to the environment by many authorities. Concrete is made from natural materials that come from the earth, reducing the number of toxins and environmental concerns for the entire project.

Energy Efficient

Another significant benefit of using Ashmont concrete services for commercial warehouse construction is that it is more energy efficient than other building materials. Concrete structures have a huge advantage due to their thermal inertia, which can ultimately save on energy costs associated with heating and cooling. However, the building must be constructed and ventilated properly to take advantage of these benefits.

Heat is taken up into concrete flooring during the day, which is then discharged during the cool night. This will only happen if the air moves freely throughout the structure during the nighttime hours. This technique has been used for many years in regions where the days are very hot and the evenings are very cool. It can be effectively applied to commercial construction in Boston as well, especially in large structures like warehouses and commercial storage facilities.

Quick Construction Opportunities

Another clear advantage of using concrete for warehouse construction in Boston is that it can be used to quickly construct a building. Studies show that concrete structures can be built as much as twice as fast as steel structures. A certain process, known in the industry as a two-day cycle, allows for cast in place reinforced concrete buildings to rise as quickly as one floor every other day. While not appropriate for all projects, the speed at which Ashmont concrete services can be applied is a clear benefit.

Concrete is also easier to use in construction projects where there is limited space for cranes and other construction equipment. It can be molded into any shape and tilt-up construction, which features pre-casted walls, has become very popular. When properly designed and installed, concrete also has the ability to offer uninterrupted floor plates for even better construction and results. Concrete and steel are often used together, particularly in commercial construction in Boston. Check with your general contractor to see if this versatile material is right for your project.

Trust TRI Construction for Ashmont Concrete Services

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