About TRI Construction Co., Inc.

How We Started

TRI Construction Co., Inc. was established in the business world in 1969, led by Armand J Fasoli and his two sons, Frank Fasoli and Paul Fasoli. With a strong background in construction his whole life, Armand Fasoli pursued the industry; and with the maturity of his sons and a strong bond of unity between the three, a triangle was formed. This is where the company name was derived, and TRI Construction was developed to refer to the three original men.

Through many years of hard work and tough times, TRI Construction struggled in a growing industry, but always managed to find success. What began with a single pickup truck and three highly motivated and willing men has turned into a multi-million dollar company today. With numerous employees and a fleet of trucks and heavy equipment, TRI Construction has earned an impeccable reputation in and around the City of Boston.

Enjoy some historical photos from TRI Construction's early days

Who We Are

Privately owned and operated, TRI Construction is an open shop family business that has been licensed to serve the Greater Boston Area for over 50 years. TRI Construction has grown over the years, acquiring expertise in many areas that relate to the planning, design, management, and construction of new building structures. TRI Construction also has extensive experience working with modifications to existing structures, infrastructure, and many other essential areas of the construction industry.

Founded in 1969 by Frank Fasoli Sr, Paul Fasoli Sr, and their father Armand Fasoli, TRI Construction leaned heavily on Armand's extensive background in construction. Matilda Fasoli, the wife of Armand and mother of Frank and Paul, worked to always keep family at the forefront, which ultimately was a key to the company's continued success, even today. Armand passed on a lifetime of knowledge and experience to his sons.

A Strong Family Foundation

The name and logo for TRI Construction were designed and selected carefully by Armand Fasoli, to represent himself and his two sons. The triangle represents an everlasting reminder of the origins of TRI Construction, and the family at the root of its success. Through many decades of change and growth, the perseverance, hard work, and dedication of Frank and Paul Fasoli have help to make TRI Construction what it is today.

After the unexpected passing of Armand Fasoli in 1989, Matilda Fasoli retired from the administrative duties that she provided to her loving sons over the years. Frank's wife Mary Fasoli stepped up to fill the shoes and provide the administrative support that the company needed to continue growing into the future. 30 years later, Mary is still very much a part of the company and a cornerstone to the success and growth of this strong family business.

The Next Generation

Continued growth occurred for TRI Construction, even in times of economic ups and downs. It was now time for the children of Frank and Paul to emerge and become a part of the process, growth, and development of the family business.

Frank Sr's only son, Frank Jr, follows in his exact footsteps after years of shadowing, watching, and learning from his father on a daily basis. After graduating from college in 2004 with a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management, Frank Jr immediately followed the path set before him and worked his way into his current position as Project Manager.

Paul Sr's three sons, which include Jamie, Anthony, and Paul Jr, would also follow in their grandfather's, father's, and uncle's footsteps. Over the years, all three have respectfully worked and established their dedicated positions, which all play a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations, overall growth, and continued success of the company.

A Solid Reputation

TRI Construction was founded in 1969 on the principles of hard work, honesty, respect, and reputation. To this day, TRI Construction has yet to see the need to market or advertise their name or their work. A solid reputation has been earned, and today, TRI Construction is well-known and respected throughout the Greater Boston Area. General Contracting, Site Work, Trucking & Hauling, Building Design, and Construction, as well as seasonal Snow & Ice Management, are just some of the services we provide.

TRI Construction employs between 25-30 employees, including our office staff, mechanics, operators, and project managers. Our seasonal part-time snow operation can push our team to well over 40, including both full-time and part-time employees.

A multi-million dollar company with numerous employees, TRI Construction still honors and respects the family business aspect of construction, which we believe gives us a considerable advantage over our competitors. Not only do we provide quality results to every client we serve, but our customers also appreciate the personal approach that we offer, which is reflected in the projects that we complete, the equipment that we use, and our incredible, impeccable reputation. Our strong family foundation has helped us to become the solid company that we are today.

Our Mission

At TRI Construction, we realize the importance of providing our customers with a service that is unparalleled to any other company. We have continued to grow and diversify over the years, to meet and exceed every expectation of each client that we serve for projects both large and small. A guarantee comes with each service that we provide; a guarantee that we have stood behind for three generations. From concept to completion, TRI Construction promises to be effective, efficient, and responsible throughout every single project.

We believe firmly in our mission and will continue to instill this pride in workmanship and strong work ethic, making it a big part of our company's core beliefs. With our strong family business core, industry knowledge, decades of experience, and an unsurpassed level of dedication, we believe that the TRI Construction name will live on and continue to succeed for many more generations to come.